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Marketing Services

Marketing assessment - Your market is a vast ocean of data and numbers, preferences and differences. We help assess and evaluate the potential of a new product, new business idea or new investment within the industry, using comprehensive analysis of environment forces, market trends, competition, risks, opportunities and the company's resources and constraints.

Marketing Strategy - Effective marketing begins with putting into a place a definitive marketing strategy. We help define your business goals and develop activities required in order to achieve them.

Digital marketing - technology is changing as we speak and the digital world has taken the forefront. We provide services in all areas of digital marketing like web content & analytics, advances search engine optimisation, social media management, digital public relations, mobile marketing, campaign. management.
All ATL, TTL & BLT support - The art of marketing is diverse and lets you be creative with the methods of marketing. We can help guide you through the different types of marketing techniques; Above the line (ATL), Below the line (BTL), Through the line (TTL) marketing.

Brand strategy - Your brand is the face of product/service and is an integral part of what you do. Cre-0ating a long term plan for the development of your brand is crucial. We assist with putting into a place a well defined and comprehensive brand strategy leading to a consistent brand message and a strong emotional connection with your customer base.

Marketing Analytics - Marketing analysis has become increasingly important as a central strategy to drive company performance. We help you monitor your campaigns and their respective outcomes by making sure the money spent on the platform has been put to work effectively, the main goal being to optimise ROI.
Brand guardian - We bring together a combination of discipline and creativity that keeps your brand strong and healthy. We provide you with a fast and affordable way to protect your brand name on multiple social network platforms.
Event strategy - Your events are determined by the goals you set and the outcome you require. Even with unlimited resources, it is a challenge to choose the right kind of events to plan while maintaining a consistent brand. We help align your company goals and priorities in order to put into place a good event strategy for your calendar of events.