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Human Resource

Manpower Recruitment and Staffing Services

Permanent Staffing

In today’s world hiring the right talent is the most important aspect for the success of the organization. We at ABC will help you identify the right resource to meet your business dynamics by our sourcing and screening methods. We at ABC have a strong dedicated team of consultants who dedicate themselves in identifying the right candidates for the right business. Our process is infallible in ensuring that we furnish the right candidates at any level within the fastest turn around time.

Our Process
  • Understand your requirements
  • Customized requirement plan
  • Shortlisting and verification of candidates
  • Finalizing the job offer and follow up
Temporary Staffing

As per the current business needs and for the purpose of cost reduction, small and big companies are striving to deal with Government regulations. Things being uncertain you may not want to hire permanent employees, either you do not want your business to be afflicted. You will need on-demand personnel, who are well equipped and to meet your business operations.

What We Do
  • We recruit for your needs
  • Temporary employee will be on our rolls
  • Standard contractual procedures
  • Payroll and personnel administration
  • Statutory compliance and remittance of statutory payments
  • Employee registrations under PF & ESIC schemes
Executive Search & Recruitment

We have a well-qualified team of recruiters with rich experience in various domains and industries, with a huge network of contact with executives and understanding of the business to deliver solutions with absolute proficiency.

Our Process
  • Client research
  • Client mandate
  • Profile creation
  • Market mapping
  • Candidate search
  • Candidate Longlist
  • Candidate Testing
  • Candidate Shortlist
  • Interviews
  • Offer & Acceptance
  • Candidate Vetting
  • Onboarding & relocation
Job Fair

With a huge database of candidates and clients, we ensure to organize a Job fair every year for providing placement opportunities for the candidates

What We Do
  • Decide on our recruitment Goal
  • Pick our clients
  • Advertise the event
  • Organize the event
  • Contact the candidates and clients to close on the offer
Manpower Supply

Labour contracting is an important business practise followed by all business sectors in the world. Employers hire the contract Labour through intermediaries for efficient management of existing manpower. ABC labour contracting services include Semi-Skilled and unskilled labour supply services.

Benefits of Labour Contracting
  • Reduce Long labour cost
  • Highly skilled, niche experience
  • Flexibility
  • Instant Impact
  • Shorter hiring process

We render the blue-collar workforce for the instant needs of our clients. Our team having a thorough knowledge of the domain ensures in providing the right resource to the right business making it a win-win-win deal for both employers and employees.

Payroll and Compliance Services

Payroll Services

Payroll plays a significant role in the internal operations of any business, and also a sensitive topic that creates tension between employers and employees. So during this era payroll is outsourced to professionals so that the business can focus on their core forte.We at ABC offer expert payroll management services in India wherein the payroll responsibility will be completely handled by us.

Our Process
  • Automated Attendance & Leave Management
  • Web-based payroll processing, F&F report Generation
  • Online access to view/print payslip
  • Reimbursement Management
Benefits of Outsourcing Payroll Process
  • Reduce in-house payroll cost
  • Increase in efficiency and productivity of employees and organization
  • Eliminate payroll errors
  • Reimbursement Management
  • Advanced Technology
Statutory Compliance

This term is mostly by the organizations, who must follow a lot of regulations. It is a process defining policies and procedures. To ensure your employment and work practices demonstrate a thorough understanding of applicable law and regulations laid by the Government.
As it is a specialized subject, organizations these days prefer it to be managed by professionals due to constant changes in rules and also keeping in mind the adverse impact on non-compliance.
We offer our services across India, covering all the following under the labour laws that are applicable to your establishment.

Our Process
  • License application/amendment/renewal
  • Maintenance of statutory registers, records, notices and returns
  • Liaison with Factories, Labour, ESI & PF authorities
  • Remittance of statutory payments
Benefits Of Outsourcing Compliance
  • Timely compliance and adherence to all different statuses and labour laws
  • Reduction in labour overheads
  • Complete and accurate maintenance of all records relevant to compliance
  • Organize the event
  • Avoidance of all litigation and associated costs that may rise our of non-compliance.

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